May 2018 Roundup

In a changing society there are new companies and kickstarters coming up all of the time. As well as new information in the news about latest banning of single use plastics. I hope to combine the new and exciting stuff into 1 post. In the news May has been a great month in the UK… Continue reading May 2018 Roundup

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My ethical store catalogue

So from my waste reducing store catalogue this is the same but for ethical stores and the majority are sustainable too. I've found that I rarely buy clothes anymore, yet have found so many amazing ethical clothing brands. So here is a large list slightly categorised of ethical stores again, I hope to regularly update… Continue reading My ethical store catalogue

ethical living

Finding an ethical and sustainable rucksack

When my bag was just about holding together with safety pins, I decided it might just about be time to invest in a new one. But I no longer will go to the old brands I used to use, due to their lack of transparency as to where the product was being made. I searched… Continue reading Finding an ethical and sustainable rucksack

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My waste reducing Catalogue

I found that when deciding to reduce my waste I felt clueless as where to begin in finding different things. This is a list of stores I have found put into subsections which I hope to update regularly as I discover more businesses. The majority of these are smaller businesses as I think that supporting… Continue reading My waste reducing Catalogue

ethical living

The True Cost Film and how it changed my life

May I just say if you read nothing else - go watch this film - PLEASE!! Go get into someones Netflix if you don't have one. Tears, anger and disappointment in my self and in the commercialised world we live in. Those were my feelings throughout. Before watching this documentary I had a rough idea… Continue reading The True Cost Film and how it changed my life

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10 swaps for a plastic reducing student

Hey, so here are 10 easy swaps anyone, especially students can make to reduce their waste in particular their plastic waste. Say no to straws!! Cardiff SU has banned them and MacDonalds is trialing paper straws now too. If you don't think you can live without a straw there are metal ones available such as… Continue reading 10 swaps for a plastic reducing student